Abhilasha FNU Raises the Bar of Film and TV Production Through Her Artistry and Leadership

Charlotte Baker
3 min readNov 4, 2022

A compelling story only feels real when told with a coherent flow and sequencing. In fact, a consistent and flawless progression of events is one of the most critical aspects of creating a thriving production for film, TV series, or commercials. While most people associate success with artists, directors, and producers, script supervisors like Abhilasha FNU are the unsung heroes of successful storytelling.

Abhilasha FNU is a script supervisor from India who has been part of many outstanding productions. She’s always eager to assist businesses in telling powerful stories and play her role in making those stories come to life. She currently resides in Los Angeles and works in Hollywood, where she has been a filmmaker and professional script supervisor for over two years.

Abhilasha has a profound artistic personality and a firm grasp of spontaneity and creativity, as most people she works with would note. She has built up a reputation for having an uncanny eye for details, and her strong desire to make things happen comes from a deep commitment to her craft and its expression. The continuity supervisor has a solid intuitive understanding of the flow of a screenplay and uses that to create better stories in the form of film.

Abhilasha’s stellar film work has given her the privilege to work with some of the most prominent stars in Hollywood, such as Golden Globe-nominated actor Eric Robert, Grammy-nominated Leon Bridges, Satellite Award-winning actress Tori Spelling, and many others. In fact, she had the chance to work with Tori on the show, “@home with Tori,” which premiered exclusively on VIZIO’s WatchFree+ platform. She has also collaborated with many prominent directors, including Joel Novoa, who worked on famous flicks like “Cobra Kai” and “Arrow.” This year, one of Abhilasha’s most significant work is her role in “A Miracle Before Christmas,” premiering this December on BET+. The film’s casting packs a punch, including renowned talents like Emmy award winner Keith David, Grammy award winner LeToya Luckett, Romeo Miller, Demetrius Shipp Jr, Paula Jai Parker, and Porscha Coleman.

Abhilasha’s most recent projects include films like “#FightClub Blood Out,” which stars Black Chyna (“Black Hamptons”) and Iyad Hajjaj (“Ms.Marvel”). She also recently completed a production in Colorado with cinematographer Pietro Villani. Additionally, Abhilasha worked as a script supervisor on the feature film “I Rise,” which would go on to win six awards at the Christian Online Film Festival. She would take home the Best Art Creator Award from the same film fest.

While some artists find it challenging to communicate and collaborate with others, Abhilasha has an approachable personality. That strength allows her to grow, connect, and build a good reputation with acquaintances for producing high-quality work. Her high emotional intelligence is one of the factors that enables her to express herself artistically — an essential element of herself that Abhilasha believes a script supervisor should have. Her confidence to speak up at the right time can make a critical difference in saving a production’s quality.

Over time, Abhilasha has worked on over 60 productions, including nine features and hour-long television shows. Her work has brought her all over the country to states such as California, Colorado, Connecticut, and New York. As Abhilasha’s industry experience and expertise grow, she sees herself sharing her talent as a script supervisor with other film professionals and enthusiasts, hoping to inspire those who want to learn how to start a career in film, especially the industry’s underdogs.