Cody Allen: Athlete-Turned-Entrepreneur Helps Others Find Their Version of Success

Through his company, Digital Cartel Media, Cody Allen has guided countless businesses in taking a deep look into their internal business operations, ultimately improving their bottom lines.

Digital Cartel Media is one of the leading digital branding companies today. It has worked alongside big names in the business industry, especially in the world of fitness. To name a few, the company has worked with Optimum Nutrition, Pure Kana, Ten Thousand, and Whoop, among many others. The man behind the rising company is Cody Allen; a former Division 1 college linebacker turned entrepreneur who leads his company with the same principles applied in sports.

Coming from a small town, Cody Allen never really envisioned taking his company to the heights it is in today. For the most part, Cody’s dedication to content production and branding were geared towards serving the masses. Today, however, more and more individuals and businesses have asked for his guidance. With a profound passion for helping others grow their companies, the dedicated entrepreneur travels across the country to meet with clients and help them find their versions of business success.

Growing up without his biological dad in the picture, Cody Allen struggled to find confidence within himself. Eventually, he found his niche in sports, and pursuing his athletic vision molded him into the brilliant entrepreneur he is today. “So much of who I am as an adult has been built on the structure set forth by my athletic background,” says Cody.

Although it is quite a jump from one industry to another, sports and digital branding are quite similar in many ways. Both require a high-functioning team to achieve success, and Cody Allen understands this deeply. Thus, he excelled and continues to excel in the digital branding industry in the same way he excelled in sports when he was in college.

What fueled Cody Allen to establish Digital Cartel Media was witnessing how many old school agencies were out of touch with the new age generation. He developed a passion and determination to address this problem. Since then, he has provided clients with unique, comprehensive, and creative marketing strategies that effectively increase their margins. “I use every data point available and experience I have to cultivate a plan to take brands to the next level and increase my client’s bottom line,” he explains. Being heavily results-oriented, he ensures that each strategy is designed to streamline each client’s business operation.

On top of his passion for digital branding, Cody Allen also puts heavy emphasis on advocating for physical and mental health and wellness. Thus, he has successfully worked alongside many fitness brands. Essentially, he hopes to guide businesses in creating positive brands for the masses.

Cody Allen hopes to remind aspiring entrepreneurs that finding one’s version of success may not be easy; it may even be ugly and filled with trials and tribulations. “In fact, the end result of success is not always pretty. But nothing beats a relentless effort and always using emotional intelligence to be a problem solver,” says the digital branding expert. Ultimately, he hopes to become a tool that will help people find their version of success, whether for their personal or business lives.

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