Community-Centered Crypto Assassins Talks Inviting NFT Enthusiasts Into The Brotherhood

To some extent, non-fungible tokens are easy to grasp, making them appealing even to those uninitiated to the world of assets. However, they are not free of risks and dabbling in these blockchain-hosted tokens comes along with its fair share of challenges, from those related to cybersecurity and fraud to fake airdrops and misleading giveaways. Well-versed in the nitty-gritty of the financial realm, the strategic minds behind Crypto Assassins admit that even people who are intimately privy to the inner workings of the sector can make mistakes, especially when dealing with new phenomenons such as NFTs. Today, committed to making the journey easier for others, they are set to launch a collection that will serve as an invitation to a community designed to maneuver token holders in the right direction.

A specially curated collection of 8,888 tokens based on the Solana blockchain, Crypto Assassins is one of the most anticipated drops in the coming month. With over 375 unique attributes, these hand-drawn stealthy assassins, which have lurked in the shadows for generations and secretly changed the course of history, belong to five different factions. Factions can be distinguished from each other through a set of characteristics that are unique to every group.

Minting a Crypto Assassin will give owners access to The Brotherhood, a collective of digital nomads and equity-achieving members united and bound to create opportunities for each other. Initiation to this elite community comes with the expectation to adhere to The Creed religiously. This set of rules, which is intended to guide the assassins, includes doing extensive research before sharing new plays with the brothers, never engaging in pumps and dumps, sharing the reasons as to why a particular project is suitable, and more.

The premise behind Crypto Assassins rests on a straightforward concept: community. Not only will owning a token give people the chance to win giveaways and exclusive access to Veteran, and Master Assassin calls on projects before anyone else, but it will also translate to having the support of a group of passion-fueled and honor-bound individuals. “From the elite chat to our standard level and then the general public, Crypto Assassins are here to assure that when one of us eats, we all eat — and if a turn in the road leads to loss, we take death before dishonor,” shared the team at the helm of the collection. “When you see a project on Crypto Assassins, you know it’s not about compromise — it’s about enterprise and the kind of opportunity that will change the world, just as assassins have done for generations.”

Right now, Crypto Assassins is preparing for the launch of the collection and the start of the initiation of new members to The Brotherhood on December 1. In the months to come, the team spearheading this community-driven NFT drop is looking forward to gaining a solid foothold in the digital asset industry.

Learn more about Crypto Assassins by checking out the website, Twitter page, and Discord server.




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