Crave Critics Will Be the Forerunner of New Initiatives in the Food Industry

Charlotte Baker
3 min readFeb 2, 2022

The preference of food consumers is changing and evolving, prompting entrepreneurs involved in the food business to rethink their approaches and the experiences they offer their loyal patrons. Along with this change comes the need to adapt and even reinvent the wheel. Entrepreneur Hunter Banks, CEO and founder of Crave Media and Crave Critics, is at the forefront of changing the face of the food business as he ventures into launching the first-ever non-fungible token (NFT) community in the food industry — the Crave Critics.

Designed to unite various stakeholders, including restaurants and their owners, food brands, and influential personalities — even famous chefs — Crave Critics will unleash new practices of promoting good food and gifted chefs. Future holders will have exclusive access to events, top restaurants that are hard to get into, and emerging dishes that have yet to be introduced in their menu. Hunter’s ultimate goal is not only to provide a promising investment option but also to elevate the dining experience of individuals.

“We are here to connect the people to the brands, giving them something way more exciting. What has changed is people’s passion for very good food. Chefs are no longer cooks. They are famous chef personalities,” Hunter explained.

“Food brands are connecting with their audience where people get obsessed with having their food in their everyday lives. But their experience is public, and restaurants have to do certain things that are functional and can be sold to the masses. I wanted to get food or experiences that nobody else could get, like taste-testing menu items before they showed up on the menu or learning from chefs how to make a world-famous cake,” he added.

As there are no direct competitors in the metaverse coming from the food industry, Hunter is confident that Crave Critics will usher in new practices that will benefit a lot of stakeholders. Unlike most NFTs in the blockchain today, Crave Critics is offering a real and tangible experience where future holders can see, touch, taste, and smell food from different top restaurants aligned with the NFT community.

“A majority of NFT brands offer the value of digital art like if you were to own a piece of art that hangs on your wall, their art is owned in digital form, and proof of ownership is in the blockchain,” Hunter shared. “Just like that experience people get from collecting Vee Friends, our collectors get access to the top restaurants, brands, food brands, chefs, personalities, and more. It’s all about doing things in the food industry, and others won’t have access to doing it unless they own an NFT that we sell.”

To say that Hunter is excited about what the coming months will unravel with the launching of Crave Critics is a clear understatement. He understands that the creation of the NFT community will redefine facets of the restaurant industry in general and pave the way for new practices that will elevate the experiences of people. Seeing the future potential of Crace Critics to unite brands and personalities to a common goal, Hunter envisions the NFT space becoming the biggest token company in the food business in the near future. It will not only be a haven for innovative digital ideas, but it will also be bringing together the top restaurants from around the globe.

Learn more about Crave Critics by visiting its website. Follow the NFT community’s Twitter account for updates on its upcoming launch and other projects. Check out its official Instagram account for some irresistible food photos.