Dr. Joseph Jacobs Revolutionizes the Healthcare Industry Through ASTR Institute

Charlotte Baker
3 min readMay 31, 2021


Aspiring entrepreneurs who wish to secure reputable positions at the summits of highly competitive industries must go beyond ordinary borders to attain an incomparable edge over others. With the constant increase of the number of changemakers rising through the ranks, the pressure to stand out among a sea of competitors has become more intense in recent years, consistently keeping aspirants and go-getters on their toes. For this reason, hopefuls must look beyond the ability to deliver top-grade products and services and shift towards strategies that catalyze change, drive innovation, and impact lives. As a passion-driven visionary himself, Dr. Joseph Jacobs distinguishes himself from his competitors and rises above them as he creates a platform that reinvents lifestyle and empowers individuals worldwide through ASTR Institute.

Dr. Joseph Jacobs is a highly driven medical professional and physical therapist who is on his way to revolutionizing the healthcare industry with brilliance, passion, and cutting-edge strategies. His diligent efforts of creating scientifically backed solutions have paved the way for a better lifestyle among a wide variety of individuals across the world who are struggling with pain. This power player is not only changing science and providing ease to patients, but he is also impacting lives by introducing several innovative breakthroughs designed to reduce and treat pain.

As a person who has had his fair share of struggles in the past, Dr. Joseph Jacobs is highly aware of the massive repercussions of experiencing pain. From being diagnosed with cancer at the age of seven to enduring a couple of migraines during his later years, Dr. Joseph had experienced a myriad of pains that could have potentially hindered him from finishing his doctorate in Physical Therapy from the Dominican College in New York. Armed with a passion for rising above everything, this go-getter managed to pass his board exams and launched ASTR Institute years later.

ASTR Institute is a widely-acclaimed medical institution dedicated to serving patients across the world, forming treatment plans for a wide variety of pains while slowly sparking positive changes in the lives of many individuals. This emerging powerhouse offers a new treatment approach called ASTR that treats pain at its source, gently breaking down scar tissue and fascia restriction while reducing inflammation that often causes pain. Additionally, it addresses proper nutrition, laboratory testing, posture, body mechanics, ergonomics, lifestyle changes, and exercise routines.

Undoubtedly, ASTR Institute is an enterprise that transcends limitations, exceeds expectations, and breaks barriers by providing individuals with the best treatment plan available for each type of pain. From headaches, migraines, strokes, and vertigos to fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome, and arthritis, this power player addresses all kinds of soft tissue dysfunctions, cementing a reputable stance across the medical scene. More impressively, it seeks to go the extra mile by creating step-by-step online programs tailor-fitted for on-the-go patients who prefer to treat themselves at home. Indeed, Dr. Joseph Jacobs has managed to create a platform that pushes the boundaries of the healthcare industry, helping individuals achieve health and wellness.

With no intentions of slowing down any time soon, Dr. Joseph Jacobs is expected to expand the horizons of ASTR Institute by producing more innovative medical solutions and cutting-edge healthcare solutions. In this way, Dr. Joseph hopes to drive more positive changes and impact more lives across the world.

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