Emerging NFT Community Chroma World Introduces Pure Abstract Digital Artworks to Its Future Holders

Charlotte Baker
3 min readJan 18, 2022


Most avid digital art collectors and crypto enthusiasts are used to seeing well outlined, drawn, and designed non-fungible token (NFT) characters to add to their collection. But all that is about to change with the coming of Chroma World, an emerging token community featuring the rarest abstract digital art characters that have the potential to revolutionize the way most investors perceive the artworks in their collection.

“A full abstract collection in this style hasn’t been done in the digital asset space. It pushes the boundaries compared to collections that have been released in the past,” the community creators explained. “The emphasis on the collection is aimed at the background artwork, each background is hand created and is all very different, they will come in a variety of styles and colors, some of these can be previewed on our social media. The collection also pays tribute to some of the amazing communities in the space. This essentially can be seen as an extension to your previous collection. It includes traits like animals, robots, humans, and pop culture.”

The creators behind Chroma World made sure that there is a distinct character representing every unique personality within the NFT space. Simply put, there is room for everyone within its community, those who have an eye for art and looking for something new within the metaverse apart from the common ones that are seen nowadays. The artworks are engaging, cool, captivating, and colorful. It is in their imperfection that people will find meaning and an instant connection. It is in being different that potential holders will make sense of the beautiful universe that Chroma World is opening to them.

The NFT community will feature 9001 tokens known as Abstractars built on the Ethereum blockchain. The tokens will be randomly generated and will combine 250 hand-drawn traits that potential holders and investors will find quite entertaining and worth pursuing. “The collection will include abstract art, pixel art, simplistic, clean, greyscale, rare gold traits and much more. The focus on the 2D collection is in the background, while also blending in with the abstract character,” the creators shared.

Exciting giveaways await future members of the Chroma World community. Just recently, the creators announced a Quest for Abstractium on Twitter, where $2,000 will be given away in ETH, and two VIP customer passes as well. All that interested investors need to do is follow the community on Twitter, like the post, retweet, tag two friends, and join the Discord to qualify.

The community will also introduce a Feature Program, which will connect and support other creators from all over the world. It hopes to grow a united community of like-minded individuals working together to inspire the next generation of world changers. The community creators have yet to announce the official launching date of the community, but more and more possible holders are taking a keen interest in its features as early as now.

Learn more about Chroma World by visiting its website. Follow its Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram profile, and join its Discord server and Telegram group.