FUND4lyfe Journey and Its Road To Success

Charlotte Baker
3 min readDec 8, 2021

The Ebanks, Joe & Lisa, CEO’s of Tampa Bay Home Rescue and Exit Home Buyers LLC, is ultimately about the perseverance it takes to overcome the struggles to attain and maintain success, especially in the REAL ESTATE business.

Hulsey (Joe), left the corporate world to get past its hectic pace and made a promise to have more time with his family while still getting a decent amount of money to support them.

It was never easy, but the bumpy road to achieving success has made him the man he is today. Within eight years of hard work, he finally made it big in Florida, making their company one of the leading real estate home buyers in the market and continuing to help clients in the process.

While Lisa, as the CEO and co-founder of FUND4LYFE focused on conducting coaching sessions to its clients and teaching how they can change their lives by acquiring the right tools and knowledge to build business credit.

Helping the people around them and the passion teaching how to achieve financial freedom is why Joe and Lisa decided to show other business owners how to run a Wholesale business. They also want them to understand how important it is to build business credit to fund their business and eventually live their dreams and change their lives for the better.

Well, if you listen to the stories of successful company founders like Steve Jobs, you will often get the impression that success is one smooth ride. You’ll be led to believe that their success was due to their smarts and perhaps a little luck.

For Joe and Lisa, it was a never-ending challenge that made them who they are right now. They believe that entrepreneurship isn’t about being lucky and smart. They understand that if you do business, you have to accept that you will fail, suffer setbacks at every turn.

They quote, “Every successful entrepreneur experiences setbacks before reaching success”. Indeed, successful ones don’t always mention these setbacks in interviews but the reality is, entrepreneurship is more of a roller coaster ride than a cruise.

FUND4LYFE current standing shows how agile and Innovative they are. With the help of their growing team, locally and abroad, we are expecting to see more.

As of writing the couple is planning to offer more assistance to entrepreneurs to achieve their ultimate goal in life, and that is to experience wealth with the freedom of spending time with their family.

The Ebanks is also preparing new services that include Training for business owners and are excited about the launch of their Virtual Assistant services that will also help fellow entrepreneurs.

Years of success continuously teach them to go on and not stop to innovate, dream and act and deal with ongoing challenges to stay ahead of the game.

FUND4LYFE is eager to serve business owners to achieve financial freedom and fund their business and their lifestyles.