How Inked Pro Started from Rudy Mage’s Car Trunk and Became a Printing Industry Leader Today

Charlotte Baker
3 min readMar 22, 2021

Over the last ten years, Inked Pro has been at the forefront of the printing industry by helping clients bring their unique vision and ideas to life. From corporate branding to apparel customizations, the leading printing company has worked tirelessly to meet the demands of its clients in all aspects. Today, its visionary founder Rudy Mage has his eyes focused on expanding the brand to meet more printing needs and become a household name in the country’s printing landscape. In fact, the company has truly proven its place at the top of the industry, having been awarded as one of the top screenprinting companies in South Florida by for 3 years.

Inked Pro is a leading printing company and creative design studio in Miami, Florida, catering to various industries for their printing needs. Since its inception, the company has worked alongside big names in the industry such as NFL, NBA, MMA, and many famous musicians and personalities. Whether for personal printing needs to corporate promotional items and other brand recognition purposes, the printing powerhouse has handled it all. On top of this, companies can also generate income through the apparel line of the company’s private-label brand.

Rudy Mage is the brilliant mind spearheading the success of Inked Pro as its creative director and founder. His story is remarkable proof that anything is possible with hard work, determination, and commitment. After obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts of Computer Animation from the University of Art and Design of Miami, Rudy started a printing business out of the trunk of his car. Driving down the streets of Miami, he sold T-shirts to local stores, tattoo shops, barbershops, and conventions. This initiative marked the humble beginnings of what is now known as Inked Pro, one of the fastest-growing and most sought-after printing companies today.

At present, Rudy Mage works alongside his managing partner Daniel “Ocean” Rodriguez to ensure Inked Pro’s continuing success. Together, they share decades of solid experience in graphic and web design. Ultimately, both are experts in screen printing, sublimation, and embroidery. Rudy and Daniel serve as mentors to the company’s team of professionals, especially in design. From sharing the simple dos and don’ts of the fashion industry to guiding the staff in design and placement issues, they work hands-on with both staff and clients to ensure that the product will meet and exceed the client’s overall expectations.

Recently, Ink Pro expanded its production facility to become a one-stop shop for all printing needs. That said, it now provides fulfillment, bagging, and tagging services. The website offers a significant number of pre-designed templates for prospective clients to choose from as a way to make things more convenient. Each client will have the chance to check their printing orders thoroughly before proceeding to the actual printing process. This is to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Indeed, the company continues to grow, with its founder hoping to expand its reach on the national level. “We’re continuously improving our techniques and technology to stay current with the needs of our clients and industry,” expresses Rudy Mage.

For Rudy Mage, printing for corporate or personal usage often serves a much greater function than brand recognition. In fact, wearing apparel pieces with custom prints is one great way to express culture, fashion, trends, and diversity without saying a word. Without any doubt, printed clothing pieces make an impactful statement on their own, and Inked Pro serves an essential role in achieving this ultimate purpose.

To know more about Inked Pro and its printing services, please visit its official website.