Latia Reed’s Alpha Films Production Provides Opportunities for New Creatives to Kickstart Their Dreams

Charlotte Baker
3 min readJan 26, 2021


Finding a competitive production company is essential to launching a successful career in the creative arts, but there is a substantial gap between aspiring creatives and existing production companies. Latia Reed has seen this gap and sought to fill it, and so came the beginnings of Alpha Films Production, a company dedicated to helping creatives realize their vision.

Opening the doors for new faces in the industry, AFP offers a variety of media resources and assistance including creating portfolios for entertainment creatives and aspiring producers. It is one of the fastest-growing productions working to collaborate with Netflix and other networks in movies, documentaries, and animated shows.

From commercials to full-length features, the company has a team of highly skilled professionals dedicated to providing only the best for its clients. Going above and beyond to provide quality service, it offers everything from shooting and recording from scratch, coordination studio headshots, photos, green screen and editing, and even film writing and editing.

Alpha Films Production is the culmination of Latia Reed’s creative artistry, leadership, and desire to build others up to success. There is no age to the journey to stardom, and the company is keen on helping all kinds of creatives from any age and any walk of life. As long as there is dedication and the burning will to succeed, it provides the much-needed assistance to prepare them to capture the spotlight on the stage.

Latia “Sexydrama” Reed is an American author, artist, and the CEO of Alpha Films Production, LLC, a production company dedicated to helping aspiring creatives realize their vision. Known for her natural inclination and skills in rapping, acting, and singing, she has written music for some of the hottest rappers in today’s time and has established herself as a major player in the industry.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, she grew up with hardships aloft and learned the essential skills to survive in the world and thrive despite variable conditions. She took the reins over her life and decided to turn her life around, and after pursuing the industry for years, she decided that the time has come for her to invest in herself and build a legacy that will transcend a lifetime. Thus, Alpha Films Production came to be.

“Success is what motivates me,” Latia Reed says, “[as well as] becoming a great leader.” In an industry where no one has control over their dreams and mere passion is not enough to ensure success, she leverages her years of experience and the skills she built to create fair opportunities for some to find their fortune in entertainment.

By realizing her vision of becoming her own boss, following her own rules, and earning enough to live comfortably while providing for herself and others, she serves as inspiration and motivation to keep going and pursuing dreams. “I had a dream, I envisioned it, I lived it,” she says, and she is doing her best to bring others to enjoy the same success she does.

Success-driven Latia Reed is establishing herself as a worthy contender in the industry with her leadership skills, passion for helping others succeed, and impeccable eye for aesthetic detail in media production. Learn more about her and Alpha Films Production by visiting this website.