Maury Noun Creates a Hidden Gem in the BPO Industry with His Company, MVision

Charlotte Baker
3 min readJun 29, 2021

The BPO industry was born in the nineties and has grown to become one of the most profitable businesses in the world today. Although the industry is prevalent in Asian countries, there are thousands of call centers in the United States. MVision is one of the latest companies to join the industry, born from the mind of Maury Noun.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Maury Noun is an individual of Lebanese heritage who recently set up his company, MVision, from his home in 2020. His virtual work from home call center proliferated, requiring him to build a team of over a hundred people. In its one year of operation, MVision has been boosting revenue for its clients. Simultaneously, Maury has been providing job opportunities for Lebanese people amid the pandemic and economic meltdown. He is the first person to open a call center operation of large proportions out of Lebanon to the United States market.

When MVision started gaining traction, Maury decided to add more workforce to continue his company’s momentum. He has been bridging overqualified Lebanese talent with American companies to help provide people with the opportunity to earn more. Apart from his heritage, Maury is proud to bring Lebanese people to his team because many of the population are native English speakers.

“There is also an extremely high degree of education here,” Maury elaborated, “Other outsourcing destinations don’t have this combination.”

Lebanon is filled with young talent who are highly educated and overqualified but lack the opportunity to reach their potential due to regional instability.

However, Maury Noun and MVision have been operating to solve this problem. “I saw people that were overlooked, that deserved better,” he explained, “I saw how much my clients were able to benefit from them.”

The CEO and founder shows immense pride in his staff as MVision’s clients often share their experience, telling him they are unable to distinguish whether the team they were speaking to is offshore or not. Many of them confide their trust in MVision, saying they feel safe as if there was no difference from having them as their own in-house staff. Maury’s clients are eager to hire his staff, as they often cost a fraction of what on-site sales or support agents cost. While there is an economic advantage, they have also shared their satisfaction in the quality that the MVision staff deliver. Like most call centers, MVision boosts the appointments or sales of its clients. However, the affordable rate and high-quality output set the company apart from its competition. Clients can also dispatch a reliable team for inbound customer support, service, and virtual assistance.

Because of how recently MVision was created, not many people are aware of the hidden gem of a company. However, in the one year since its inception, the company has received subsidiaries of Fortune 500 companies to do business with Lebanon, a rare feat these days. The success that his company has generated in such a short time excites Maury Noun and his team. They foresee growth as they look forward to expanding their business and bringing in more employees to help MVision flourish while presenting Lebanese people with job opportunities amid the economic crisis.

Learn more about Maury Noun and Mvision by visiting their official website.