MetaMasks Is Taking over the MetaVerse with their New NFT Collection

The digital world has experienced so much growth in recent times that it only made sense for there to be an entirely different world where digital assets can be housed. This also gives non-fungible tokens, the most popular digital innovation out now, the chance to thrive and grow. With many projects out there already making a killing and others not so much, the potential of the NFT space has been the number one motivating factor for project creators to put out more projects MetaMasks NFT is one of the new projects making the rounds in the NFT world and there is so much the collection offers its holders.

MetaMasks NFT is a collection of 10,000 hand-drawn NFTs, each randomly generated on the Ethereum blockchain to make the collection unique. The NFT drop is made up of three unique 1-of-1’s available for minting. The three holders who get to mint the token will receive one Ethereum each upon successful minting.

The NFT collection is focused on Metaverse events with DJs and organizing anonymous events where the masks in the collection can be used. MetaMasks NFT thrives on the creators’ anonymity and provides a platform for anonymous artists.

“Anonymity in the NFT space is not very much vaunted at the moment, and we want to take advantage of this by being the first project that gives anonymous creators a platform to thrive,” one of the creators shared. “We plan to disrupt the MetaVerse in a massive way!”

At the core of MetaMasks NFT’s promotion is a professional team of experts in marketing and creative design. The team’s strong background has aided the collection’s explosive growth. The Discord channel and whitelist are currently open for potential holders who want to join the community and help it grow. The creative team has also put together multiple rewards for all verified members on both the Discord channel and whitelist, as well as the holders of the 1-of-1 ultra-rare MetaMasks. These rewards include exclusive access to huge celebrity meta concerts and $20,000 worth of ethereum, among other rewards.

In the project’s extensive roadmap, MetaMasks NFT has partnered with a major masked influencer who will be unveiled for major announcements and giveaways. Additionally, the project’s first airdrop is currently in the works and will be sent to holders’ unique wallets by Q3 of 2022.

Part of the MetaMasks NFT collection plans is to give back to the world by donating to major charities that will be revealed once the collection launches. Additionally, 10% of all royalties will also return to the community. As the roadmap progresses, MetaMasks will be integrated into various play-to-earn gaming and virtual experience platforms the creators have already signed contracts with. The community has taken part in not only owning the best, most valued NFT on the market. Holders will not only own a rapidly growing investment and unique meta identity.




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