NFT Project Otaku Origins Sets a Platform That Takes Real-Life Otakus Into a Unique, Isekai-Esque Metaverse

Charlotte Baker
3 min readJan 19, 2022


Over the years, anime has been embedded in pop culture, not just in Japan but across the world. Regardless of which country you visit, you can always find a mural paying tribute to some of the most popular anime online. But the gestures have also entered the digital world with people creating their original characters, basing them off their favorite characters. Otaku Origins is an NFT project that is dedicated to otakus everywhere.

Otaku is the term given to people obsessed with anime and manga and is not confined to Japanese people but anime fans worldwide. Otaku Origins is a project that asks, “What would happen if modern-day anime fans were to magically receive similar features, powers, and hella fresh gear as anime’s most popular protagonists and antagonists?”

Otaku Origins follows the journey of 5,000 individuals who find themselves taken from their everyday lives to join the Otakuverse with newly discovered powers and weapons. There they must learn to start life anew in the mysterious new land. Each Otaku is algorithmically generated from a random combination of over 200 drawn traits across eight different categories influencing their rarity, power, and uniqueness. Although the NFTs will be paying tribute to famous characters, the project developers are looking to improve on the best concepts within the NFT ecosystem.

Generally, the rarity of the individual traits significantly affects the NFTs’ value. Still, the Otaku Origins developers are introducing a significant variation between each character, creating a new rarity metric that remains unexplored in the NFT space. As a result, each character is a 1/1 digital collectible that doubles as the holder’s ticket into the Otaku Indie DAO and the world they are creating.

Otaku Origins is set to release a manga series with a unique story revolving around the otakus and their journey into the Otakuverse as they seek a way to get back to their world. The six protagonists are unique and rank among the rarest in the Otaku Origins collection. Holders of the NFT will influence the story by voting on story elements like fight outcomes, plot points, character details, and decision making.

The project will fund emerging artists and authors to produce additional storylines and content under the ز brand. The DAO will receive applications and vote on who people want to fund and what stories they want to see produced, creating a stronger connection between content creators and the audience. ز will take a percentage of the revenue from the stories to continue funding other artists who will receive exclusive airdrops along the way.

Apart from a manga, the project is also developing a video game by partnering with a Canadian game development company to produce a beta version of a PvP play-to-earn game set in the Otakuverse. The game will feature full 3D fighting mechanics and immersive storytelling tied to the manga story.

“Innovation is our number one goal, and we have pushed ourselves to embed functional as well as creative uniqueness into Otaku Origins,” explained the developers. “Not only will each Otaku have individual traits and yield different weapons, but they will also have unique stances and poses. This will elevate the artwork as well as the value of our NFTs.”

Learn more about Otaku Origins by visiting their official website. You can also stay updated by following them on Instagram and Twitter or joining their official Discord server.