NFT Project the Merry Apes Club Prepares to Create a Unique Experience to Benefit Holders in the Virtual and Real World

NFTs have become the hottest topic in thousands of online communities worldwide after seeing a surge in popularity earlier this year. As the months went on, more NFT projects started to spawn across the online community with great scores using an animal theme. Across the hundreds of projects launching, apes have become one of the most popular mascots in the NFT community. Joining the fray is the Merry Apes Club.

The Merry Apes Club is an NFT project that is set to launch on the 20th of December. Like most NFT projects, prospective holders can mint Apes for 0.08 ETH when the project launches for the public. They can also sell and trade their NFTs on the Merry Apes Club OpenSea when the project launches.

Despite sharing the same animal theme with multiple projects, the Merry Apes Club sets itself apart through its unique design and a wide inventory of accessories. While other projects generate the same subject with different colors and accessories, the Merry Apes NFT can randomly generate a number of different expressions for each token, giving them a unique edge over other ape-themed projects. The Merry Apes Club is also one of the latest projects to join the metaverse trend.

With how advanced the digital space has gotten over the decade, the prospect of creating a virtual reality has slowly come to fruition. Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement of transitioning social media into the metaverse prompted other developers to engineer their system to become adaptable to another metaverse, including the Merry Apes Club.

The Merry Apes Club developers created a metaverse with a play-to-earn game where the Merry Apes tokens are free to live it up. The NFT project is designed to help others obtain financial freedom, passive income, and go through a life-changing journey according to the developer’s roadmap. “We are here to better lives,” said the developers.

Despite its ambition to create a financially advantageous platform for holders, the Merry Ape Club strives to create something fun into its mission, adding unique lore to truly set it apart from others:

With the birth of the metaverse, 8,888 apes fled the earth to pursue a common goal — complete freedom and the opportunity to be merry and meta all year long. Their goal became a motto for their new tribe, the Merry Apes Club. With only 8,888 Merry Apes Club are up for grabs, and once the collection sells out, each holder stands a chance of winning one of two Tesla Model 3 cars.

The Merry Apes Club allows its members to be free apes that love to have fun, be merry, and enjoy good vibes. As a club, the members share an affinity for positive vibes, multiple streams of income, and above all, having fun. Whether it’s through parties, game nights, travel, or yacht cruises, the Merry Apes Club strives to earn and enjoy.

Prospective holders who own one or more Merry Apes will be given access to various activities lined up to allow them to explore the play-to-earn metaverse game with perks in both the metaverse and the real world.

Learn more about the Merry Apes Club by visiting their official website. You can also stay updated by following them on Instagram and Twitter.




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