OurApps.io Makes Creating Business Mobile Apps Easy for Small Business Owners with No Initial Joining Fee or Monthly Fee

The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic brought the advent of the massive worldwide transition of all industries to the internet’s virtual space. The restrictive measures put in place to prevent the spread also meant that people remained mostly locked up in their homes. As a result, many turn to the internet to procure the materials they need daily. OurApps.io is a platform designed to help small businesses transition to the online world by providing an easy way to create their mobile applications.

Many fast-food chains and big store brands already utilize mobile platforms in their everyday operations. Still, the idea of creating a mobile app may be daunting, especially to less tech-savvy members of the community. OurApps.io provides a comfortable, straightforward way for businesses to create personalized mobile applications and conveniently set up their menu and receive orders on their dashboards. If you have created a user name or platform before or sent a picture via text or attached a file to an email, you will be able to assemble your own app.

This platform allows small business owners to receive, own, and update their menu or catalog with descriptions and photos of their products in real-time. Mobile applications created through OurApps.io will be available on iOS phones (Apple devices/Apple Play Store) as well as Android devices, which have Google Play Store, and they will be accessible to the public with no monthly fee.

Gone are the time-consuming days of manually encoding POS systems’ orders as they are called in, as these applications require only a one-time input of a store’s products. The system automatically generates order and invoices once they fill in their order forms.

OurApps.io takes great pride in its fully transparent business model, through which the creators of the app hope to foster a sense of camaraderie and create a community of small businesses helping small businesses. The current pandemic is a time when people most need to create a strong community, and this one, in particular, will be one where small business owners can give and receive support from other small business owners and share the best practices, tips, and tools for all members to benefit.

The platform requires no initial joining fee nor a monthly fee. Instead, the platform plans to collect only 4% or less in some cases of all transactions. This collection will ensure that the creators will have the resources necessary to host, update, and monitor the software supporting the apps to ensure the business app’s success! OurApps.io also now partnered with a successful marketing and business development company to support all small businesses who sign up in creating, assembling, and marketing each business app This is a one-stop shop for small business owners now to have the marketing and the technology they need to be successful.

The OurApps.io business model believes in the power of organic marketing (meaning not spending your hard earned dollars marketing online), and as part of their business model, they offer discovery calls to learn more about your business then offer helpful creative marketing solutions at no charge. Instead of doling out a hefty sum for online marketing or Google campaigns, OurApps.io is currently reaching out to social media influencers and recruiting them in their vision of creating a community where people strive for mutual growth instead of competition.

The recent soft launching of the app in a small town in Saint Augustine, Florida, allowed the creators to collect data from the beta testers and tweak the app platform to ensure that it meets the target market’s needs. The platform continues to evolve and become more user-friendly as the creators find more features to add and improve. Now OurApps.io is offering their services to all of Saint Johns County , in Florida. Once this article is published, they will be offering their services nationwide to help stimulate the US economy, while features like touchless transactions will help slow the spread of COVID.

Platforms such as OurApps.io will be useful for small businesses and consumers, as it essentially serves as a bridge that connects customers to the stores that carry what they need.

If you are a small business owner, you have nothing to lose and will possibly have a new source of revenue to gain. Simply go to OurApps.io by visiting www.OurApps.io and click join now; create a username and password; load your menu items, product, or service, along with fun photos, and your logo; and the OurApps.io team will do the rest.

They literally will provide new photos if you prefer, will even re-create the icon logo for your customized business app. If there is a feature currently not built in and offered, OuApps.io team has weekly calls to listen to all recommendations, and has already added 12 new features based on suggestions from new businesses that have joined OurApps.io community. This is a full-service technical software marketing solution opportunity small businesses should take advantage of. Because of the fact that they are able to offer these services at such a extenelt minimal cost, if you know of a business that could benefit from having their own business app, be sure to share this article with them.

In addition, if you know of someone who is looking for a part-time or full-time opportunity to generate a new source of revenue for their family, OurApps.io is looking for strong competitive individuals who want to help their community to join their team and will be onboarding new team members over the next 3–6 months.

Currently you can visit www.OurApps.io to join now and assemble your own business app, or visit their site as new employment opportunities. Be on the lookout for the OurApps.io app to drop into the app stores this fall! It will be the first app in app stores to create business apps!

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