The Fight Is Fixed™ LLC — A Lighthouse in a Storm

Finding a stronghold in life can be an intimidating experience for some more than others, especially with self-doubt gnawing away at their confidence, which if not addressed, can impede their progress in life.

The Fight Is Fixed™ LLC is an organization whose mission is to reach out to such people and provide counsel and motivation. The Fight Is Fixed™ Shattered Pieces Program acts as a bridge between them and the actualization of their dreams.

Vanessa Johnson, the founder, and C.E.O. of The Fight Is Fixed™ LLC, is a 51-year-old and ordained Pastor, Prophetess, and life of victory strategist who helps people confront and overcome the obstacles they may be facing, utilizing practical principles from the Word of God, and help them into a path of new beginnings. Rather than stay in a confined space to do the work of the ministry, Vaness believes in demonstrating God’s righteousness, power, and grace openly by taking the principles of the Word to the “streets.”

Taking inspiration from the Holy Spirit, Vanessa started the “Militant Ministry,” an organization walking by faith, reaching out to people on the streets, and touching lives through intercession. She believes that “There is more to God than what the natural eye can see and truly there are no limitations to what God can and will do. She models her life to demonstrate total dependence, trust, and commitment to God.

Vanessa is passionate about helping women of every nationality, drawing from her experiences while growing up. Her life was not all rosey, as she has had a string of horrible experiences. She was sexually molested as a child and experienced domestic violence between 16 and 22. By 36, she had spent years struggling in a marriage that eventually ended in a traumatic divorce and faced being homeless.

Through the trials, Vanessa stayed close to God, entrusting her tears, frustrations, and depression to Him while she quietly listened to His voice as she dealt with all her traumas. She has learned the principles and strategies of victory as she trusted in the leadership of God’s Spirit over outside influences. Now in her prime, Vanessa has turned things around and is applying those same principles she has learned to helping others and building a better future.

The Fight Is Fixed™ LLC Shattered Pieces Program is the result of years of effort and dedication to providing a haven for those who find themselves lost or confused about life — Presenting them with a ladder out of their darkness. Although Vanessa has never been in the foster care system herself, she designed a program to cater to young adults aging out of the foster care system as well as to cater to women that have experienced traumatic life events.

She identifies closely with their experience understanding that many of them did not graduate from high school and had no idea how to get a job and no life skills. Eighteen years after the inception of Shattered Pieces, the program has been transformed to include single parents, domestic abuse victims, parolees, and veterans, helping them transition to their permanent homes and find their way in life.

Vanessa Johnson considers it her purpose to help as many people as possible and has established a way to give a holistic guide to them through their experiences and giving them a foothold in their journey through life.

Learn more, and reach out to Vanessa Johnson via her organization’s website, Dunamis H.O.D.I., Dunamis Dominion L.L.C.

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